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Cheap Boat Option #1: Your first option to try and take advantage of cheap boats for sale is to beat your local dealer up (not literally) ..but you know what I mean...harass, haggle, beg, etc.... Problem for me is I actually like my local dealer. He's a nice guy and like everyone else...he's struggling to make it too...especially now. Besides, finding a cheap boat on a dealers lot is old school. Next..

Cheap Boat Option #2: Next is hitting the classifieds and purchasing from a must sell owner. Problem with this is most owners over estimate the value of their boat....big time! You can beat 'em down and maybe save 10-15% verses going to a dealer. But we're still not talkin' cheap boats just yet...

This last option redefines the word cheap. It won't be a revelation to all but it can have a profound impact on your bottom line. So how do you easily and without legal consequence purchase the cheapest vessel that even your neighbor wouldl have to acknowledge? See below:

Cheap Option #3:

This last option I admit preys on the unfortunate condition of Americas financial institutions via. boat repo auctions. But that is overshadowed of course by cruising in the same boat your neigbor paid 3x's more for! Gentleman...this is cheap.

Good news now is www.boatauctionsdirect.com makes option #3 possible for guys who don't have hours and hours of time to DIY..

A good working definition for cheap boats for sale are simply those vessels (seaworthy of course) that can be purchased for under $1,000.00...with a book value of 2-3x's more than the purchase price. At least this gives you the option of cleaning it up a little, cruising for a year or so, then selling it for at least what you paid for it or for a profit.

It wasn't too long ago I bought a real cheap aluminum boat for $300 (including Evinrude outboard w/ trailer) then turned around and sold it for $500 two years later. A recommended free resource is Boat Auctions Info here: boat auctions. Happy boating!

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